Global Human Resources Certificate

A human resources employee or manager who seeks the Global Professional in Human Resources or GPHR® certification may expand his or her job opportunities or responsibilities at work in a positive way. Becoming globally certified means that you are qualified to handle human resources issues that cross national borders. With the current prevalence of outsourced jobs and multi-national companies or corporations, this can be a very attractive certification to pursue.

Who Needs a Global Professional in Human Resources Certification?

A human resources employee can benefit from GPHR certification if:

• The employee has HR duties or responsibilities that encompass employees in more than one country
• The employee wants to demonstrate a better understanding of globalization to employers
• The employee is responsible for HR policy decisions or initiatives that concern global areas of the company
• The employee is responsible for designing programs, training, or other processes for employees in more than one country
• The employee is tasked with ensuring that all HR programs meet compliance standards with various country’s laws and regulations
• The employee is responsible for balancing the needs and rights of employees with those of the employer
• The employee already has knowledge of the organization’s internal structure and HR activities

How Do I Obtain Global Professional in Human Resources Certification?

The GPHR examination is a 165 question multiple-choice test that examines the knowledge of an HR employee in the areas of global HR practice. Before taking the test, employees must have four years of HR experience with a high school diploma or a two-year degree, three years of experience with a bachelor’s degree, or two years of experience with a master’s degree or higher. The test takes 3 hours to administer. Upon a satisfactory score, the individual will be awarded a certificate as a professional in global human resources management.

What is the Pay for a Global Professional in Human Resources?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median annual salary for a human resources manager is $52,690 per year with a bachelor’s degree. Global human resources professionals may be able to command higher salaries, however, because of their increased knowledge level and their ability to deal with employees in several different countries. Larger companies tend to pay more than smaller companies and businesses that require travel overseas may also pay expenses and offer extra financial incentives for this type of work.

What is the Job Outlook for a Global Professional in Human Resources?

Human resource jobs are expected to increase by 21 percent over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the employment services industry as a whole, job growth is expected to top 55 percent.

While many human resource managers are direct employees of large companies, there has also been a trend toward outsourcing human resources to contracted firms. These large firms may take on several huge corporations at once, so global human resource managers must understand the protocols of more than one company and be able to serve employees in various jobs and in many different locations.

If you enjoy a fast-paced and challenging work environment, like to talk to and help people with problems, and are well-organized and a quick learner, a global professional human resource manager job could be just the career path for you.

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