Global Operations Manager

Global operations managers are leaders in charge of an organization’s processes and operations spanning several countries. This person directs a portfolio of projects and smaller business units in alignment with business strategies of the parent organization.

The global operations manager must have a deep understanding of the issues and the opportunities arising from doing business across language, culture, currency and political system boundaries. He or she will benefit from familiarity with foreign languages and multiple cultures.

Global Management Degrees

This is a senior position that requires at least 10 years of industry experience as well as an advanced degree that demonstrates your knowledge. A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or a doctorate (Ph.D.) is certainly preferred for a position of this caliber. However, for an entry-level position in a global company, a bachelor’s degree in business management or some similar field is often the only requirement. And there are many bachelor’s degrees in business which can be earned online as a first step toward this career.

Global Operations Manager Job Description

The global operations manager is a senior executive who plans, directs, and coordinates the operations of organizations with multiple branches across the globe. Some of the tasks this person typically accomplishes may include:

  • Formulating policies and budgets
  • Managing opportunities and challenges in a manner that maximizes return to the organization
  • Planning the use of materials and human resources
  • Developing long-term approaches that redefine problems/opportunities in anticipation of changing business conditions
  • Leading cross-functional teams as inter-company projects

Global Operations Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of operations managers in May 2009 was $92,650. The middle 50% earned between $63,750 and $138,960, while the lowest 10% earned $45,780. Note: these figures represent operations manager salaries, and do not designate the possible premium paid to managers running global operations.

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