Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

Hospitality and tourism are two of the largest industries in the United States. Each year, tourists and business travelers spend roughly $550 million on domestic travel expenses. If you have a passion for keeping people comfortable, earning an online degree in hotel and hospitality can put you on the right path to advancing your career goals.

While a high school diploma may be sufficient for many entry-level positions, those interested in pursuing a career in travel business management should consider earning an online degree in hospitality or tourism.

Hospitality and Tourism Jobs

Career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industries are wide ranging. Earning an online degree in hospitality can help prepare you for some of the jobs below.

  • Events Manager

    Conventions managers meet with clients to determine requirements and goals for events such as conferences, seminars, meetings or even weddings. They coordinate the services for these events.

  • Food Service Manager

    Restaurant managers oversee all aspects of their establishment, including menu planning, food inventory managment, restaurant maintenance, financial management, marketing, advertising and recruiting.

  • Hotel Manager

    Hotel managers are responsible for the overall operations of their establishment. Their responsibilities include ensuring that expected standards are met for housekeeping, food quality, guest services and decor.

  • Tour Coordinator

    Tour coordinators direct the schedule of each staff member and performer during the entire tour. They plan the day-to-day events and how to get each person in the proper place with the least amount of effort and confusion.

  • Travel Agent

    Travel agents work with clients to help them determine and arrange their travel plans. If you love helping people travel in comfort, this career could be for you.

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management

    For some people, hosting and entertaining guests is not only a joy but a career that they can take with them to the bank. These are the hardworking service personnel who turn a night out into an unforgettable experience as well as manage the entire back office of a hotel or restaurant.

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