Human Resource Degrees

While HR managers in small companies oversee all the functions of the department, employees in larger companies usually focus on one of several areas, such as employment, compensation and benefits, or labor relations. Whether you already work full time or recently graduated, an online degree program in human resources can advance your career options and open the door to greater professional opportunities.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in human resources should possess excellent communication skills and be sensitive to cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds, as well as the special needs of physically challenged employees. Online education can help human resource officers earn advanced degrees in these areas while working full-time jobs.

Human Resources Jobs

Depending on the size of the company, the human resources department may consist of one general manager or numerous specialists. Earning an online degree in human resources can help prepare you for some of the popular jobs below.

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

    Compensation and benefits managers oversee employee benefits, such as health insurance, pension plans, profit sharing, and stock ownership plans. They serve as a liaison between insurance carriers and employees.

  • Human Resources Director/Manager

    Depending on the size of the company, the manager of human resources may be directly responsible for employee hiring, training, compensation, benefits and relations, or supervising individuals who handle these issues.

  • Recruiter

    Labor relations managers specialize in labor law, grievances, union and management practices, contracts and collective bargaining trends. They may work to resolve disputes between employees, management, unions and government agencies.

  • Global Human Resources

    Today’s economy is a global economy. The growing number of multinational businesses need employees who can provide a roadmap of human resources solutions from a global perspective. If you see this as an opportunity to embrace a challenge (rather than an obstacle to overcome), we have the degree for you.

  • Human Resources Development

    Human resources development is designed for human resources practitioners who want to advance their careers with updated knowledge and skills in the arena of organizational issues and human resource systems. Since HR includes the management of an organization’s people, it is an all-important area of expertise within the business community.

  • Labor Relations Degree

    A labor relations degree offers an excellent educational foundation for those who would like to become labor relations managers or specialists.

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