Human Resources Development

Human resources is a growing field. As companies expand, they need qualified workers to deal with employee issues including benefits, pension plans, pay scales, and even disagreements between management and employees. A human resources development degree can prepare you to work in the exciting field of human resources where there are thousands of job opportunities opening every year.

What Do Human Resources Developers Do?

Human resources specialists recruit, train and develop employees for companies, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These specialists work with companies to develop their human resource potential, and typically have the following job duties:

  • Consult with employers to identify needs and qualifications for various job descriptions
  • Interview applicants to determine their fit for jobs
  • Contact references and conduct background investigations on employees and applicants
  • Discuss job details with applicants and help employees define job duties
  • Make hiring recommendations to employers
  • Maintain employment records on current and past employees
  • Work with employers to develop job potential in current and future employees

Human resource developers must be skilled in identifying the various job categories of a company and working with management to refine those positions and hire the best people possible to fill them. They also work with business management to develop strategies for expanding the company by hiring qualified workers to fit job needs.

What Kind of Degree Does a Human Resources Developer Have?

Human resource specialists can seek degrees in business management at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Some schools offer degrees, usually through the business department, that are tailored to the special needs of human resource managers. However, many people move into human resources from other fields, particularly business management and accounting.

There is no standard certification for human resource managers but many seek certification in specialized fields in order to gain promotions or better jobs.

How Much Do Human Resource Developers Earn?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the median annual salary as of May 2010 for human resource specialists as $52,690 with a bachelor’s degree. However, some human resource specialists earn far more money if they are the head of a large HR department for a big company. Some human resource managers working for smaller companies earn less money.

Typically, human resources developers who work in the following fields earn these median salaries:

  • Federal government workers, $77,370
  • Company management, $58,220
  • Religious and non-profit organizations, $48,660
  • State government workers, $44,810
  • Employment services, $43,770

What Is the Job Outlook for Human Resources Developers?

The job growth rate for human resources developers is expected to outpace job growth in most fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average job growth rate in the field will be 21 percent between 2010 and 2020. However, private employment agency jobs are expected to grow by 55 percent, while those in the public sector will depend on the growth of companies and the economy. As more people look for jobs, more human resources specialists will be needed to help them find employment and to evaluate potential job candidates for employers.

What Skills Do I Need To Be A Human Resources Developer?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists five important job qualifications for human resource specialists.

• Strong decision-making skills – Human resource developers must be able to work independently and make quick decisions, especially regarding hiring. They must also be able to decide when an employee must be fired and which benefits packages are appropriate for employees.

• Attention to detail – There are a great many details involved in the everyday life of a human resource specialist, so these workers must be organized and able to multi-task.

• Strong interpersonal skills – Human resource developers must be able to communicate well with others and gain the trust of employees and management. They should be honest and ethical and able to negotiate when there are problems between employees or workers and management.

• Good listening skills – Human resource developers must be able to take large blocks of information and glean important facts. This requires strong listening skills to enable them to synthesize what workers and management are saying.

• Strong speaking skills – Human resource developers are often called on to present information to employees, so good public speaking skills are necessary.

The world of human resources provides fascinating opportunities for human interaction and may be the perfect job choice for someone who likes working with others and wants to use his or her talents in creating a better work environment for fellow employees.

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