Inside Sales Representative Job Description

Inside sales representatives commonly work in offices, spending most of their time on the phone. They sell goods and services, and take orders over the phone. Other responsibilities for this sales professional may include resolving client issues, handling client complaints and making appointments for outside sales representatives.

To acquire new clients, many inside sales representatives make cold calls. This type of sales contact requires talking to businesses and individuals who may not have previous knowledge of the product or services being offered. Inside sales representatives stay on top of new product development and creative sales techniques through corporate training sessions and sales conventions.

Being an inside sales representative may mean doing any of the following:

  • Cold calling to initiate new client contacts
  • Making appointments and arranging travel for outside sales representatives
  • Calling current clients to update sales contracts and contact information
  • Taking phone orders
  • Insuring that products or services are properly delivered
  • Resolving client issues
  • Following up with clients to insure satisfaction with products and/or services
  • Maintaining relationships with clients for future business.

Inside Sales Representative Degrees

Although there are no formal educational requirements, degrees in business, marketing, communication or economics may all benefit candidates who seek to become inside sales representatives. For sales professionals seeking positions in technological, science or medical fields, a degree related to that specific area could offer greater success.

Inside Sales Representative Salary*

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job prospects are best for sales representatives with a degree. For most sales professionals, income is a combination of salary and commission. The median salary for sales professionals in 2008 was $70,200, with those who work in technology industries typically earning more.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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