International Business Degree

Most companies today rely on overseas business in one form or another for manufacturing, marketing and customer service. Dealing with the international aspect of running a business requires special skills, not just because of potential language barriers, but because of different cultures, laws, tariffs, time zones and business practices. If this sounds like an exciting career path, earning an online degree in international business could help accelerate your career.

Are you interested in traveling and dealing with different cultures, languages and business practices? Individuals who have the skills to deal with these multiple variables are becoming increasingly valuable to companies who deal with international business.

Whether you recently graduated or work full time, earning an online degree in international business can help jumpstart a lucrative career.

International Business Job Description

Most professionals in international business travel abroad frequently, though some are based in the United States. International business professionals may work for a wide variety of organizations, including the following:

  • Export and import firms
  • Cross-cultural training companies
  • Cruise ship lines
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Consulting, accounting and law firms
  • Service companies

Individuals with a background and education in international business have many career opportunities to choose from. They can work in a foreign corporation, a multinational enterprise or the international division of a local business. In addition, international jobs can be found in local, state and national governments, including the United States Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Treasury, State and Small Business Administration.

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