Logistics Degree

Many logisticians find employment with government agencies and in manufacturing companies. They may specialize in business management, production, engineering or even accounting. An online business degree could provide you with the tools you need to be a successful logistician.

Most logisticians hold at least a bachelor’s degree, but earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) could help with career advancement.

Logistics Job Description

A logistician takes responsibility for the complete process of a product’s possession, distribution, internal movement and eventual transport. Logisticians design schedules, track materials, direct logistical teams and evaluate results. They team up with other departments to ensure customer satisfaction and when necessary, troubleshoot problems with availability and delivery.

People who work in logistics establish goals and priorities based on previous business performance. They analyze technical data to move forward with product development and delivery. Logisticians supervise personnel performing logistical functions for a company.

Some of the tasks involved with being a logistician are:

  • Managing employees
  • Analyzing customers’ needs
  • Developing logistical plans
  • Collaborating with other departments
  • Designing and implementing logistical plans
  • Writing project reports
  • Forecasting logistical needs based on prior activity
  • Directing logistical teams

Logisticians usually demonstrate strong organizational and communication skills. Analytical and technological skills benefit logistical professionals. Decision making and troubleshooting abilities may also increase job opportunities.

Logistician Salary

According to the Department of Labor, a person working in logistics has a career path that is expected to grow at the rate of at least 20% by 2018. Over the next decade, it’s projected that 41,900 jobs will be created for logisticians.

The salary range for this profession, as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $40,000 to $104,000, with an average salary of almost $68,000 annually. Petroleum wholesalers offer the top wages for logisticians with a median salary of $113,000, but there are a limited number of jobs in this industry.

The federal government employs the largest number of logisticians with aerospace and other production companies also utilizing these professionals.

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