Loss Prevention Agent

Loss prevention agents work in retail stores and hotels protecting assets and property. They often operate without being recognized as an employee and apprehend thieves and shoplifters while working undercover. Loss prevention agents also monitor employees to prevent company theft or other crimes. Hotel loss prevention agents specifically protect guests from theft of personal items.

Since they can’t be everywhere all of the time, loss prevention agents monitor cameras, review videos and interview employees, as needed. They conduct periodic inspections of different areas of the store or hotel. Loss prevention agents may also assist with opening and closing retail stores, insuring that all employees and customers have exited the building. Most loss prevention agents do not carry weapons.

Responsibilities of a loss prevention agent could include any of the following:

  • Observing customer and employee behavior
  • Investigating any suspected theft
  • Performing store audits to look for potential problem areas
  • Overseeing other loss prevention agents
  • Working cooperatively with local law enforcement
  • Inspecting different areas of company property to ascertain any security risks
  • Confronting employees or customers who have committed thefts
  • Monitoring cameras and video systems
  • Documenting incidents and concerns
  • Preparing loss prevention and risk management reports including recommended improvements.

Loss Prevention Agent Degrees

Finding employment as a loss prevention agent is possible without a degree, particularly in retail stores. However, within a competitive job market, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal science or police science could prove advantageous.

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