Management Degree

Good managers define business objectives, allocate resources correctly, motivate employees and solve problems as they arise. If your idea job requires hiring, training and supervising employees while effectively running a business, earning an online degree in business management can help advance your career.

Depending on the size of the company, education requirements for managers vary widely. Generally speaking, managers should have at least a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business administration, management, accounting, marketing or a related field.

Earning an online degree can help accelerate your career and earn more money in the field of management.

Management Jobs

Careers in management can be found in virtually all business sectors. An online degree in business management can help you prepare for some of the common managerial positions below.

  • Retail Management Professional

    Retail management refers to running a store or starting a retail business. The store manager accomplishes the day-to-day management tasks in a store.

  • Nonprofit Manager

    Nonprofit managers are the leaders tasked to direct nonprofit agencies toward their objectives. Nonprofits are those groups who give something beneficial to communities, specific groups of people, and simply those in need.

  • Global Operations Manager

    Global operations managers are leaders in charge of an organization’s processes and operations spanning several countries. This person directs a portfolio of projects and smaller business units in alignment with business strategies of the parent organization.

  • Restaurant Manager

    A restaurant manager is a food service specialist trained to supervise the general operations of various dining establishments. Some of their numerous responsibilities include ensuring customer satisfaction and food safety; enforcing staff compliance with required health and business practices; and overseeing the proper functioning of a restaurant’s kitchen, dining and sanitation areas.

  • Front Desk Manager

    Front desk managers work in the hospitality industry to coordinate customer reservations and supervise the front desk staff of a hotel, resort or lodge. While duties are dependent on the size of the establishment, they usually include treating guests courteously and overseeing that customer service runs smoothly.

  • Career Management

    Career management, also known as professional development or talent development, is the process of helping individuals achieve their career goals over a certain time frame. The process is ongoing and includes two key concepts: lifelong learning and building a network of personal relationships.

  • Corporate Management

    Corporate management is a broad term that covers the positions of leadership within an organization, and the primary goal is business success. Workers in this field are top executives who manage overall strategy and fine tune processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Property Management

    Property management involves handling the financial operations of a real estate property, ensuring rent payments are collected and that all bills and taxes are paid. Property managers report to the owners and supervise any contractors.

  • Corporate Training and Knowledge Management

    If you currently teach or train adults, this Master of Education degree in corporate training and knowledge management could enhance your career. It is precisely designed for corporate educators who want to improve in the areas of leadership, instruction and assessment.

  • Customer Care Management

    The quality of customer service within almost any corporation can make it or break it. Customer Care Management is a Bachelor of Business Administration program integrating a foundation of business fundamentals and specific knowledge concerning customer care.

  • Fashion Retail Management

    Playing “dress up” has never been a game to you – it’s a necessity! Your sense of style is finely tuned, and you love perfecting a style, only to mix it up once again. At the same time, you have an entrepreneurial streak and enjoy the business world. Does this sound like you? If so, we’ve found an area of study you’re sure to find appealing.

  • Fitness Management

    Your friends label you a health nut, and they have good reason. You get your kicks from a good run, an intense kickboxing class or some extra tough reps on the weight bench.

  • Food and Beverage Management

    You know every restaurant in town and can list the ones with fantastic fare in record time. You love arranging dinner parties, meals and entertainment — and your friends are confident having you at the helm of those decisions.

  • Global Enterrprise Management

    Are you currently a senior manager or top executive who’s looking to take your organization to the next level? Do you want to stay competitive with the most successful companies in the global market? If so, consider complementing your expertise and practical experience with a degree in Global Enterprise Management.

  • Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management

    When you see waste, it drives you crazy! It doesn’t matter if it’s litter on the side of the road, excessive product packaging or inefficient air conditioning systems — you know that waste in any form is, well, wasteful. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that could channel your frustration into an exciting career.

  • Restaurant & Catering Management

    Have you always dreamed of running your own restaurant or food business? Can you see yourself managing a gourmet hotspot or sought-after catering service that has the entire town talking and lining up to taste your delicious concoctions? Then perhaps you should look into this program.

  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership

    You want to work for an employer who strives to make a difference, not just a buck. Another wrung on the corporate ladder is not your style. You want to be part of – and a leader in something bigger.

  • Operations Management and Analysis

    You are known among your friends and peers as a natural problem solver. Your ability to examine all aspects of an issue before deciding on the best course of action is a trait that you are proud of, and you’re ready to explore that talent further.

  • Science in Leadership

    You approach problems from both an analytical and a human perspective. Whether you’re preparing the family budget or tackling a major problem on the job, you try to find the right balance. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that may be the perfect match.

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

    From getting the best price on a product or service to overcoming obstacles, you enjoy a good challenge. You want positive outcomes and strive for resolutions where both parties are satisfied. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study to match.

  • Leadership and Influence

    You’ve always looked up to role models that lead with integrity, and you dream about filling their shoes in the business world. You believe it’s possible to run a business without resorting to unethical practices. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that’s sure to please.


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