Marketing and Sales Degree

Good marketing is crucial to the sales and success of a business, so to turn a profit, every company needs to market, promote, advertise and sell products successfully. Whether you already work in the field or seek a career change, earning an online degree in marketing and sales can help accelerate your career.

Marketing and Sales Degrees

Are you a highly motivated, creative and decisive individual who has a solid grasp of the psychology and motivation of sales? If so, earning an online degree in marketing and sales could be the next logical step for you.

Nearly all jobs in the marketing and sales fields require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but the focus of the degree may vary depending on the particular job.

Marketing and Sales Jobs

Careers within the advertising, marketing, public relations and sales fields are on the rise; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations throughout the current decade.

  • Chief Marketing Officer

    Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) oversee all aspects of marketing within an organization or company.

  • Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers develop a company’s marketing strategy by estimating the demand for a product, identifying potential markets, developing pricing strategies, and monitoring trends and competition.

  • Sales Manager

    Sales managers oversee a company’s sales department. They set goals, train sales representatives, and manage the sales staff.

  • Business Development Manager

    A business development manager assists companies with growth and expansion through various means including building a larger client base, reconfiguring departments to run more efficiently and developing new plans for greater profits.

  • Insurance Agent

    Insurance agents sell insurance policies and play an important role in assessing risk, determining who receives insurance coverage and choosing premiums for policyholders. Most insurance analysts specialize in selling life, health, mortgage, or property and casualty insurance policies.

  • Real Estate Agent

    Real estate agents help individuals make one of the most important investments of their life. In addition to helping them buy and sell homes and other properties, real estate agents demonstrate vast knowledge of the real estate market in a specific locale, including zoning and tax laws and loan programs.

  • Health Insurance Agent

    Health insurance agents sell health insurance policies to individuals for medical costs and work-related injuries that result in loss of income. Some agents also sell dental policies and short- and long-term disability insurance.

  • Auto Insurance Agent

    Auto insurance agents sell insurance policies that protect individuals from loss relating to automobile accidents. Coverage includes costs resulting from property damage, liability costs, and medical expenses.

  • Switchboard Operator

    Switchboard operators man communications systems within a company by relaying incoming, outgoing and interoffice calls.

  • Manufacturing Director

    The manufacturing director oversees manufacturing and production processes. Ultimately responsible for maintaining the efficiency, quality control and safety standards related to manufacturing, these directors are essential in almost every manufacturing industry.

  • Outside Sales Representative

    Outside sales representatives travel and meet with current and potential clients. When making sales calls, sales reps discuss and evaluate the needs of the client then determine how the sales company can meet those needs.

  • Inside Sales Representative

    Inside sales representatives commonly work in offices, spending most of their time on the phone. They sell goods and services, and take orders over the phone.

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