Nonprofit Manager Professional

Nonprofit managers are the leaders tasked to direct nonprofit agencies toward their objectives. Nonprofits are those groups who give something beneficial to communities, specific groups of people, and simply those in need.

Nonprofit organizations exist not to earn money but to provide some kind of service. These are the foundations, charities, hospitals, churches, schools, religious organizations or public service groups that are all working for a cause but not for profit. Nonprofit managers are the ones tasked to lead these agencies and organizations to successfully fulfill the objectives.

Nonprofit Manager Degrees

Typically, a minimum requirement for nonprofit managers is a bachelor’s degree and work experience in a field related to the organization’s area of focus. A bachelor’s degree in business management would greatly help the prospective manager since the majority of the tasks will be centered around running the organization’s daily processes. This degree and many other bachelor’s degrees can be taken online.

Nonprofit Manager Job Description Nonprofit managers are in charge of steering their nonprofit organization towards its goals. This is a leadership role which involves management skills and a broad knowledge base.

Some of the tasks involved in nonprofit management may include:

  • Organizing, supervising all activities
  • Hiring, managing and motivating personnel – typically made up of volunteers
  • Raising funds from donors, sponsors and corporations
  • Budgeting and accounting
  • Raising awareness for the cause within the community

Nonprofit Manager Salary

Because the nonprofit organization is not created in order to turn a profit, the average hourly wages of its managers are less than those in private establishments. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, managers in nonprofits average $34.24 per hour, which is less than managers in local government ($39.75 per hour), but not significantly less than managers in State government ($36.18 per hour).

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