Nonprofit Manager Professional

A degree in nonprofit management and leadership can back your passion for positive change with the business know-how to make it happen. Like corporations, nonprofits need management and leadership expertise to help make their visions a reality. This could be your chance to pursue a career that helps you do just that.

Nonprofit Management and Leadership Degree

Start with foundational courses that explore theories of organizational development and systems and then learn to apply these principles in a variety of nonprofit settings. Coursework typically covers practical elements for leading an organization such as budgeting, finance and human resources as well as more strategic focuses that can help you create a thriving philanthropic culture. A degree in nonprofit management and leadership can provide you with the skills you need to lead organizations to success.

Here is a sneak peek at some courses you might take as part of a nonprofit management and leadership degree:

  • Organizational Leadership and Management
  • Finance and Budgeting for the Nonprofit Sector
  • Strategic Planning: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination
  • Resource Development
  • Human Resource Management: Building a Capable Workforce

Preparing to Work in Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Highly trained, thoughtful leaders are needed to ensure the success of the growing nonprofit sector. A degree in nonprofit management and leadership can prepare you to obtain leadership positions in a variety of nonprofit settings. You might work as a project manager for a university, or perhaps you’ll become a program director for an animal shelter or a human outreach organization. Nonprofits need natural leaders like you to help further their unique, positive missions.

Don’t wait another day to bring your unique leadership skills to the nonprofits and make it a better world! Apply for a degree in nonprofit management and leadership today.

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