Project Management Degree

Project management refers to the planning, organizing and managing of specific business projects. Are you good at setting goals, defining budgets, creating schedules and coordinating the activities of various individuals and departments? If so, earning an online degree in project management can help accelerate your career.

Project Management Degrees

Earning an online degree in project management can prepare you to work with clients, vendors, coworkers and consultants efficiently. Skills in communication, leadership, business and technology are also beneficial, as the field calls for organization and insight.

Many online colleges and universities offer degrees in project management tailored to the busy professional. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for most companies, but in some cases, a solid history of relevant work experience is enough.

Project Management Jobs

Project manager, project coordinator and project scheduler are just a few of the job titles responsible for launching new products, developing new technologies and managing alliances with partners. An online degree in project management can help prepare you for some of the jobs listed below.

Project Manager

Project managers coordinate all aspects of a project from start to finish. They set goals, define budgets, create schedules and supervise employees from various departments who are working on the same project.

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