Public Relations Degree

While an advertising agency communicates a company’s message to a targeted audience, a public relations (PR) agency communicates that message to the press. If you have what it takes to become a public relations agent, earning an online degree in public relations is the first step.

Public Relations Degrees

Earning an online degree in public relations can prepare you to communicate clearly with the press by writing press releases, speeches and reports. With excellent communication skills and a persuasive personality, public relations agents can go far.

Most positions in public relations require at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, English, public relations or marketing. Some companies prefer an education based on the company’s type of business, such as engineering, law, health or finance.

Public Relations Job Opportunities

Public relations specialists can work either at a PR agency, where they’ll serve multiple clients, or in the PR department of a large company, where they’ll serve that company. Earning an online degree can help prepare you for some of the PR jobs below.

  • Public Affairs Specialist

    Public affairs specialists are PR professionals who work for government agencies in the “public affairs” office. They help to translate government policy for the public, keep the public informed about the activities of the agencies and officials, and communicate the concerns of the public back to the government.

  • Public Relations Manager

    The role of public relations manager is most often found in larger businesses and corporations. PR managers oversee a staff of professionals on the public relations team.

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