Restaurant & Catering Management Degree

Restaurant and catering management is an associate degree program that gives you more than just cooking training; it prepares you for a management position in the hospitality industry. The program places a lot of emphasis on quality control, inventory management, marketing and publicity, staff training and management, and cost control — all integral everyday elements in the food industry.

Restaurant & Catering Management Degree

Restaurant and catering management students learn all the needed skills, knowledge and ethical values necessary in the rapidly changing restaurant and catering profession. Courses involve everything from management and marketing to accounting and finances. Training includes business communications, legal issues and of course, customer service.

Other courses may include:

  • Internship in a quality food service operation
  • Theories of culinary techniques
  • Regional cuisine from around the world
  • Marketing of hospitality services
  • Nutritional cooking
  • Financial management for the hospitality industry

Preparing to Work in Restaurant & Catering Management

Restaurant and catering management gives you the training needed to pursue entry-level positions such as management trainee, kitchen manager, banquet supervisor or assistant food and beverage director. It could also prepare you for setting up your own food business, birthing your entrepreneurial vision.

If you already enjoy cooking, why not add management skills to your cooking prowess and take on a leadership role in the hospitality industry? Get more information today.

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