Risk Management Degree

Investments can offer enormous rewards, but they can also cause enormous failures. Working in risk management means identifying and analyzing the financial risks posed to organizations and businesses in order to minimize the potential for loss and increase the potential for success. Through research and testing, risk managers help to determine the steps a company needs to take to reduce risk and emphasize gain.

Are you an analytical problem solver with an interest in finance? Earning a degree in risk management or finance can build your skills in best business practices, effective planning, unexpected cost reduction and efficient allocation of money and investments.

Risk Management Degrees

In general, risk managers would do well to earn a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business or a similar field. Certification as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM), offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, can also help increase career opportunities in the field of risk management.

Risk Management Job Opportunities

Previously associated mainly with the insurance industry, the notion of risk management is becoming incorporated into more businesses and organizations. Below are a some of the most popular positions in risk management.

Risk Manager

Risk and insurance managers attempt to minimize financial risk and loss while managing a company’s insurance budget. If you like forecasting risks and protective measure, this career could be for you.

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