SEO Specialist

SEO specialists work for themselves as freelancers or for Internet marketing companies, either as a consultant or as a full-time employee. If you are knowledgeable about the world of Google searches and think you have what it takes to help clients achieve their search engine goals, earning an online degree in business, information technology, computer science or Web design can help you to advance your SEO-directed career goals.

SEO Specialist Job Description

While an SEO specialist cannot guarantee positioning, he or she can help clients maximize the factors that contribute to high positioning within search engines. By combining respect for a client’s business with ethical practices, an SEO specialist can help clients maximize their ranking in search engines, which allows them to better connect with new clients and customers.

Specifically, SEO specialists are involved in all facets of search engine optimization, which include competitor metrics and analysis; key phrase research and manipulating; link building; page content optimization; performance analysis and reporting; and more.

SEO Specialist Education & Training

The most common minimum requirement for an SEO specialist is past online work experience, which can include everything from working as a paid computer consultant to starting and writing your own blog. You can also elect to pursue a certificate program in a variety of Internet-related fields, such as information technology or Web development, which could help to prepare you for a career as an SEO specialist.

SEO Specialist Salary

SEO specialist wages vary greatly depending on the amount of experience and the number of hours employed. Whether an SEO specialist works as a freelancer or with a specific company also affects salary rates.

Some online salary calculators estimate SEO specialist salaries to range from $47,000 to $69,000 depending on experience and geographical location, but clear figures for this occupation have not been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Self-employed SEO specialists enjoy greater flexibility concerning hours and workload, while those specialists working for companies seem to have greater job stability and regular income.

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