Strategy and Innovation

Business people who work with strategy and innovation often hold leadership roles by consulting firms, businesses and universities. If you have a desire to excel in the most current business trends, an online degree in business could lead to a career in strategy and innovation.

Strategy and Innovation Degrees

Cutting-edge business theory and practical business applications combine to create a course of study that may open many career doors in the corporate world. Degrees that may lead to business success are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business and technology, finance, economics or business administration
  • Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)

Strategy and Innovation Job Description

Working in strategy and innovation involves recognizing opportunities for innovation in production and finance, and promoting strategies that provide a competitive advantage over other companies. Corporate leaders, directors and managers communicate with other leaders in their specific industry to develop global perspectives in their approach to business organization and finance.

Professionals working in this area establish an environment that promotes innovation in technology and company organization. They facilitate exploration and innovative thinking that may lead to industry advancements.

Business professionals who work in strategy and innovation often do the following:

  • Mentor and coach employees in innovative strategies.
  • Design programs for building innovative strategies.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and new strategies in organization, production and finance.
  • Develop a global business perspective by researching and analyzing business practices from around the world.
  • Apply integrated coaching techniques.
  • Examine market strategies to develop innovative ideas.
  • Explore breakthroughs related to social responsibility and sustainability.

Leaders specializing in strategy and innovation often evaluate business trends and apply organizational strategies to improve their company’s production levels and profit margin.

Salary for Working in Strategy and Innovation

In general, corporate leaders and managers should see a 13% increase in job opportunities through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who specialize in strategy and innovation may increase their ability to find a profitable position as many businesses seek professionals with these degrees.

The Department of Labor noted in May 2008 that the average salary for corporate management was over $105,000 annually. This salary doesn’t include wages earned from teaching or bonuses that accompany the annual salary.

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