Tour Coordinator

A tour coordinator organizes the details of touring for musical and theatrical groups. Tour coordinators manage the needs of the professionals and staff involved in the tour. These professionals deal with all travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, transportation, and schedules during the tour.

Tour Coordinator Degrees

Tour coordinators could benefit from earning the following degrees:

  • Associate degree in business, accounting, bookkeeping or communications
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, publicity, music, theater or communications
  • Master’s degree in business, communications, music or theater

The competition for tour coordinator positions is keen, so additional education greatly improves the value of your resume.

Tour Coordinator Job Description

The tour coordinator’s job begins long before the tour itself. A tour coordinator interacts with managers, booking agents and publicists to develop a calendar of events with locations, dates and times. This calendar provides the groundwork for organizing travel and transportation and accommodations. The tour coordinator is also responsible for making any arrangements to meet the specific needs of staff and performers.

Once the tour begins, the tour coordinator travels with the group, staying on top of the scheduling by troubleshooting any travel issues, problems with the touring staff and schedule changes. A significant part of the tour coordinator’s job is to make sure that each person is in the right place at the right time.

A tour coordinator handles a multitude of duties including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Prepare travel calendar.
  • Communicate with managers, booking agents and publicists.
  • Listen carefully and meet the needs of tour staff and performers.
  • Make all travel arrangements including rental cars, limos, private and commercial airline travel.
  • Reserve appropriate accommodations for tour staff and performers.
  • Troubleshoot any logistical issues, staff or performer problems.
  • Oversee the schedule of every person involved in the tour.
  • Keep travel expenses within the tour’s budget.
  • Work closely with the road manager.
  • Travel for weeks and months at a time.

In some cases, the tour coordinator and the road manager are the same person. In times of economic challenges, combining these roles assists financially. Tour coordinators also work closely with other managers and agents to keep the tour progressing smoothly.

Tour Coordinator Salary

A tour coordinator’s salary ranges from $35,000 to over $175,000, depending on the music or theatrical group’s success, according to the Federal government. This salary may fluctuate depending on when and how often tours occur. Some tour coordinators agree to a reduced salary and accept a portion of tour sales.

Expenses, including transportation, food and accommodations, are typically covered for tour coordinators while traveling. Those amounts are not included in the previously mentioned salary rates.

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