Criminal Justice Degrees

Accelerate your career with an online degree in criminal justice. Find certificate, doctorate, master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programs in criminal justice here!

Criminal justice is a field that emphasizes fairness in the apprehension, prosecution, defense and incarceration of those charged with criminal offenses. If you are interested in seeking justice for citizens and retribution for victims, earn a criminal justice online degree.

Most criminal justice positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to qualify for employment, but some entry-level positions can be obtained with a certificate or an associate degree. If you work a full-time job, earn your online degree in criminal justice when it best fits your schedule.

Criminal Justice Fields

There are four major areas of responsibility in criminal justice. To get prepared, discover how earning your online degree in criminal justice can bring you closer to working in one of the following exciting career fields:

  • Corrections

    Corrections involves the management of convicted offenders, including their imprisonment, rehabilitation, probation and parole.

  • Law

    Earning a degree in law with an emphasis on criminal justice prepares you for work as a lawyer, paralegal, judge or professional who applies laws, statutes and regulations in the defense, prosecution or judgment of alleged offenders.

  • Law Enforcement

    The law enforcement branch of criminal justice includes international concerns, such as those managed by the Department of Homeland Security.

  • The Judicial System

    From court reporters to Supreme Court judges, those who work in the judicial system are charged with the administration of justice. Earning a degree in criminal justice is a great way to advance your career options in the judicial system.

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