Legal Studies Degree

The American Bar Association refers to “Legal Studies” as a generic name for programs grounded in a liberal arts background. This program is the right choice for students interested in a law career but not yet ready for the three-year commitment to law school. If you are fascinated by law and looking for a diverse field of study that can help you get employed in a variety of career options, a degree in legal studies might be the perfect choice for you.

Legal Studies Degree Information

With a sound background in the inner workings of the legal system, students with an advanced legal studies degree prepare for rewarding careers in a wide range of law-related industries. This program teaches students how to write a legal brief, become an effective researcher or develop into an integral part of the court system.

A legal studies degree also prepares students to take their love of law even further – with a graduate degree in a law specialty of their choice. Some of the courses included in a legal studies degree program include:

  • Business Writing
  • Ethics
  • Research
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Criminal Law

Preparing to Work in Legal Studies

When you earn your BS in legal studies, you are ready to launch into the workforce as an entry-level staff member in a law office, court or government agency. Some positions in the legal field require legal studies training but not necessarily a law degree. If you decide to become a fully licensed law practitioner, your legal studies degree can be the first step in pursuing a graduate law degree from an accredited university.

A legal studies degree can be the first step toward a rewarding law career in a wide range of venues. If you have a passion for law and justice, there is no telling where this degree can take you!

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