Fire and Emergency Management

Your first impulse when you see natural disasters or accidents on television is to run to the scene to get it under control. You thrive in pressure situations. Does this sound like you? If so, fire and emergency management could be the perfect field for you.

Advanced Start Fire and Emergency Management Degree

Advanced start fire and emergency management students already have an associate or bachelor’s degree. With many general requirement classes finished, classes can focus directly on managing emergency situations. With knowledge of the latest technologies, human resource management and more, you can feel prepared to take on a leadership role.

Some classes in a fire and emergency management degree include:

  • Firefighter Safety
  • Leadership and Management
  • Fire Prevention
  • Terrorism and Disaster Response
  • Ethical Foundations of EMS

An advanced start fire and emergency management degree prepares you to take on managerial positions in emergency preparedness agencies, fire and emergency services organizations and other similar groups. Take your current position to the next level with a deeper knowledge of how to manage emergency personnel and disaster situations – and make yourself a more attractive job candidate as well.

If you’re ready to take your passion for helping others to a whole new level, the time to begin is now!

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