Fire Science Degree

Do you also have a desire to serve your community when disaster strikes? If so, consider taking your natural instinct to help others and turn it into a career by pursuing a degree in fire science. Not only will you learn better and safer techniques, but you can also gain a deeper knowledge of structures and system design, all of which can help save lives.

Fire Science Degree Information

Advanced start fire science students already have some kind of degree-whether it is an associate or bachelor’s degree-so many general requirement classes are complete. This means coursework focuses directly on fire dynamics, hazardous materials management and other specific areas necessary for effective fire control. While your passion to help others is important, you also need a solid knowledge of underlying techniques to make sure both you and potential fire victims are in good hands.

Here are some classes that may be included in a fire science degree:

  • Firefighter Safety
  • Fire Investigation and Analysis
  • Fire Protection Structures and Systems
  • Risk Management for Fire Personnel
  • Fire-Related Human Behavior

A fire science degree prepares you for a variety of related positions including firefighter, fire investigator, fire inspector and more. If you’re already in the emergency sector, take your current position to the next level with a deeper knowledge of how to manage firefighters. Moreover, consider the future and the possibility of further building upon this degree as well.

People willing to put their lives on the line for strangers are a special breed. If you’re one of them, today is the perfect time for you to begin this journey.

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