Comparative Criminal Justice

Do you already have an associate or bachelor’s degree and want to earn an additional degree in criminal justice? International and comparative criminal justice is a Bachelor of Science degree involving a global, cross-cultural approach to dealing with crime.

International and Comparative Criminal Justice Degree

A degree program in international and comparative criminal justice emphasizes policy evaluation, planning and procedural design, current trends and transnational crime prevention. As a student, you can study crimes related to the Internet, smuggling, narco-terrorism, human trafficking and money laundering. You’d also analyze international law as it relates to human rights and crimes against humanity.

Some of the courses you can study in an international and comparative criminal justice degree include:

  • Studying computer crime, smuggling, terrorism and drug smuggling and human trafficking
  • Examining the causes, prevention, and control of international criminal activity
  • Evaluating justice systems internationally
  • Analyzing human rights in relationship to crimes against humanity

Advanced Start International and Comparative Criminal Justice Degree

Candidates come into this program with a previously earned associate or bachelor’s degree. The program offers a foundation for a critical approach to analyzing cross-cultural crime theories, understanding legal systems, jurisprudence, policing, courts and juvenile crimes. Studies include emerging trends and methods for crime prevention.

Preparing to Work in International and Comparative Criminal Justice

Completion of this degree program could lead to a professional position with one of the following agencies: the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the United Nations, U.S. Immigration or the Central Intelligence Agency. Candidates may find jobs in analysis, research or as agents.

If this degree program seems right for you, don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to combat crime on an international level.

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