Corrections is the branch of the criminal justice system responsible for the management of convicted offenders. The field of corrections includes managing the incarceration, detention, rehabilitation, probation and parole of offenders.

If you can handle the responsibility of managing jails at the local level and prisons at the state and federal level, earning an online degree in corrections can help boost your career and salary options.

Corrections Jobs

If you enjoy keeping order in systems and facilities, a job in corrections could be a good fit for you.

  • Correctional Officer

    The Correctional Officer is the person in charge of prisoners in various locked facilities, including reformatories, jails and penitentiaries. They are charged with maintaining safety and security in these institutions, but they have no law enforcement authority.

  • Probation Officer

    Probation officers perform much of their work for the courts, investigating the accused, recommending sentences for those convicted and testifying in court. They evaluate the progress of convicted offenders’ efforts at rehabilitation and monitor compliance with the terms of their sentences, reporting their findings to the court.

  • Probation Counselor

    Probation counselors or probation officers are often confused with parole officers, but there is a major difference. Rather than supervise convicted offenders after they are released from incarceration and prior to serving their full sentence, probation counselors supervise defendants who have not yet been sentenced or who are sentenced to probation instead of prison.

  • Parole Agent

    Parole agents or parole officers are criminal justice professionals who supervise convicted offenders after they are released from prison. They supervise these offenders on parole by personally meeting with offenders and their families – at their homes, jobsites or therapy venues – and talking about any issues or progress achieved.

  • Administration of Justice and Security

    You would love the opportunity to shape and manage how correctional or security facilities run. You dream about making a difference by making sure offenders are dealt with swiftly, effectively and humanely. If this description sounds like you, we have found an area of study you may enjoy.

  • Corrections Certificate

    Do you have an acute sense of justice? Do you believe in the corrections system and its ability to rehabilitate convicted criminals? If so, learning more about the corrections field of criminal justice, which includes incarceration, detention, rehabilitation, probation and parole, could be your calling.

  • Juvenile Probation Officer

    A juvenile probation officer supervises young offenders who have been placed on probation, making sure their charges are following court orders related to their adjudication, which may include requirements of attending school, counseling, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

  • Prison Guard

    A prison guard, also known as a correctional officer, supervises individuals who have been incarcerated in a penitentiary after being convicted of a crime.

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