Crime Investigation

This category includes those professions that specialize in crime solving rather than prevention and control. It includes police professionals such as homicide investigators, field investigators and detectives, as well as private detectives hired to investigate personal matters.

Most detectives and investigators get on-the-job training by collecting evidence for criminal cases, but earning a degree online can accelerate their career growth. Many states are beginning to require investigators, especially private investigators, to get licensed.

Crime Investigation Information

Numerous career opportunities are available in the field of crime investigation. Below is a summary of a few of the most popular positions.

  • Detective

    Police detectives are typically hired to investigate crimes that do not demand the attention of uniformed police personnel. The police investigator might be called on to perform skilled, detailed and confidential investigative police work.

  • Private Investigator

    Private Investigator are hired by ordinary people to investigate private matters, such as a cheating spouse or missing person. Private investigators are sometimes called private detectives.

  • Advanced Start Criminal Justice Administration and Management

    Do you have a strong sense of justice and a desire to help your community? If so, think about turning your passions into a career by pursuing a degree in criminal justice administration and management. Take your talents, skills and interests and turn them into a new career path.

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