Fire Fighter

Fire fighters are rescuers who are trained to do two main things: put out dangerous fires that threaten lives and property and rescue people from hazardous situations and provide them with emergency medical services.

Fire Fighter Degrees

Fire fighters usually need only a high school diploma to begin – and after passing a mental and physical proficiency exam required by most states. However more and more are earning a degree before applying. If you possess an associate degree in fire science, you may improve your chances for a job. Several institutions offer courses leading to two or four year degrees in fire engineering or fire science. Having a degree in fire science is also helpful when it is time for promotion. After all, just as in any field, education is the key to advancement.

The degree in fire science offers specialized knowledge of hazardous materials, building construction, and firefighter safety.

Fire Fighter Job Description

Fire fighters are trained not only to handle fires but to rescue people and save property from the damaging effects of fire and smoke. In hazardous situations, they are often the first response team providing affected people with emergency medical services. Thus, apart from fires, they are called on in a wide variety of instances including:

  • Animal rescues
  • Bomb threats
  • Car accidents and car fires
  • Childbirth
  • Elevator rescues
  • Gas leaks
  • Hazardous material spills

Fire fighters also protect people by educating them and creating public awareness of fire safety.

Fire Fighter Salary

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