Fire, Safety & Emergency Management

The program trains active emergency response professionals who are seeking advanced education in the proper way to manage response efforts, organize teams, liaison with other agencies and develop the right policies for usage during these events.

Fire, Safety & Emergency Management Degree

The curriculum involved in the fire, safety and emergency management program concentrates on the duties and responsibilities of a leader in the field of emergency services. You can study emergency preparedness and the constantly evolving nature of this field as technologies and processes mature.

Courses in fire, safety and emergency management may include:

  • Fire, safety and emergency management administration
  • Workers’ compensation and labor law
  • Emergency and disaster preparation
  • Auditing for safety, security and emergency management
  • Research and planning for emergency management

Preparing to Work in Fire, Safety & Emergency Management

If you’re already an active emergency response, fire or safety professional seeking advanced graduate education, then this program can prepare you to be an effective leader in the field of emergency services. Advance your career or create new opportunities for yourself by looking into fire, safety and emergency management.

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