Hotel Security Officer

Hotel security officers protect employees, guests and belongings. They oversee all areas of the hotel property, inside and out, from the parking lot to banquet halls and private guest rooms. These professionals respond to individual needs as well as providing assistance during larger scale situations such as power outages or bomb threats. If a crime occurs at a hotel, the hotel security officer on duty also works cooperatively with the local police department.

A hotel security officer may be employed directly by the hotel or work for a private security firm hired by the hotel company. Hotel security officers often work irregular hours as hotels offer assistance and security around the clock.

Educational requirements for hotel security differ depending on the employer. Specific hotels and hospitality corporations create their own requirements while the training and education needed to work for a security firm may be completely different. Earning a degree often provides the greatest opportunity for success in finding a job in this field.

Hotel Security Officer Job Description

Hotel security officers work in pairs, groups or individually, depending on the size and demands of the property. They have varied tasks but spend the majority of their time patrolling the property, checking stairwells and generally overseeing an area. Although most security officers don’t carry weapons, they often have access to firearms in cases of extreme emergency.

Electronic surveillance incorporates a significant part of security operations in many hotels. Security officers often spend time monitoring and observing the property via surveillance equipment, which allows them to watch several areas at once.

A hotel security officer usually performs the following tasks:

  • Respond to individual guest needs and concerns.
  • Patrol property, both inside and outside.
  • Check security locks and alarms on doors and stairwells.
  • Escort guests as needed.
  • Monitor surveillance cameras.
  • Submit written reports.
  • Work cooperatively with local law enforcement.

Hotel security officers will often go for long periods without incident, but they need to be aware at all timesWhile not technically law enforcement, these professionals provide safety and security for guests and staff.

Hotel Security Officer Salary

Depending on the type of employment, a hotel security officer may be paid by the hour or by salary. Hourly security personnel have the opportunity to work more shifts and possibly earn overtime compensation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that hotel security officers earn from $18,000 to $45,000 annually. This field is expected to grow faster than average by about 14% over the next decade. Education level and experience greatly affect the rate of pay. Most hotel security personnel who work full time also receive health benefits.

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