Judicial System

The Judicial System is charged with the administration of justice for all United States citizens. Justice means granting people their basic human rights and fair treatment, so those who choose this career path are concerned with fair and balance judgment.

There are various levels of courts within the judicial system, including city, county and municipal. Courts that deal with specific types of cases also exist, such as probate court, appellate court, court of appeals and superior court. The highest court is the U.S. Supreme Court, which reaches the federal level. Judges, court clerks, court reporters and bailiffs all work within the judicial system.

To advance your career in the judicial system, online education can help you earn a degree while working a full-time job. A sample of available degrees applicable to a career in the judicial system includes:

Judicial System Jobs

If working to ensure justice for all citizens is your highest calling, a job in the judicial system could be a good fit for you.

  • Bailiff

    Bailiffs are tasked with providing general security for the courthouse and its staff, maintaining appropriate courtroom decorum and taking charge of juries when the court is not in session.

  • Court Clerk

    A clerk of the court is an officer of the court whose responsibilities include maintaining the records of the court, issuing licenses and assisting officers of the court in research.

  • Court Reporter

    Court reporters create verbatim transcripts of courtroom proceedings and other events. They are responsible for ensuring the creation of a complete and official legal record of the proceedings.

  • Advanced Start Public Administration and Policy

    Public administrators draw on diverse administrative skills to plan, budget and set policy for the benefit of the people in the community. A public administration and policy degree can set you on the road to a career where you feel like you can make a difference in the community you live and work.

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