Law Enforcement Administration

This program focuses on instilling strong leadership abilities, interpersonal communication skills and diversity training. Professionals in law enforcement administration deal with a variety of issues from crime and race to social policies and managing officers. Sound interesting?

Law Enforcement Administration Degree

Students in this program study a considerable number of topics beyond general crimes. They explore individual rights, police responsibility and ethics. They analyze policing guidelines and character qualities related to effective law enforcement administration. All candidates have to complete a final project revealing research abilities, critical thinking skill and demonstrate the capacity communicate effectively in writing.

Some of the courses studied in a law enforcement administration degree program include:

  • Community Policing
  • Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Technological Management in Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement and Personnel Management
  • Politics and Law Enforcement

Preparing to Work in Law Enforcement Administration

Graduates of this criminal justice program can find local employment with police departments, the Sheriff’s department or correctional facilities. Agencies that seek this type of leadership training include the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Strong law enforcement leaders are often in demand. This degree could make that profession a reality for you!

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