Types of Law Jobs

The law helps set the ground rules for a civilized society, indicating the collection of rules, regulations, decrees, decisions, codes, statutes, judgments and precedents that a country or society has deliberated over and agreed upon to guide social behavior and assure the safety and property rights of its citizens.

The job of the legal system is to interpret the law so that it serves the administration of justice. The study and practice of law, known as jurisprudence, is the domain of lawyers, judges, paralegals and other professionals.

Aside from going to law school, there are other online educational programs available for those interested in working in with the law. Some of the most popular degrees involve criminal justice and the following choices:

Law Jobs

Becoming a lawyer isn’t the only option for someone who studies law or criminal justice. In fact, a number of career fields and jobs can benefit from an employee with a legal background.

For details concerning the educational requirements, employment outlook and salary range for a specific position in the field of law, simply choose an occupation below.

  • Lawyer

    Virtually all lawyers counsel clients on their legal rights, obligations and courses of action in their business and personal affairs. Most lawyers work in private practice and focus either on criminal or civil law.

  • Paralegal

    Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, work under the direction and authority of attorneys, performing work of a legal nature without engaging in actions that are restricted by law solely to attorneys.

  • Mediator

    Mediators use their knowledge of the law to help facilitate alternative dispute resolution. They conduct meetings and hearings outside of the courtroom, helping parties to settle disputes through mutual agreement.

  • Legal Secretary

    Legal secretaries serve in an administrative capacity in a legal office, typically working for attorneys or paralegals. Responsibilities may include scheduling appointments and meetings, drafting and distributing agendas, maintaining records, and preparing letters and other correspondence. In addition, legal secretaries are often the first point of contact for clients seeking legal services.

  • Advanced Start Legal Studies

    Consider a fast-track degree in advanced legal studies, and within two to four years you can feel prepared to take on your dream job, whether it is with a law firm or within the court system. Some advanced legal studies graduates even go on to work in fields like insurance, real estate or criminal justice.

  • Advanced Start Paralegal Studies Degree

    A paralegal studies degree can help you launch an exciting career in law, working directly with lawyers, clients and court officers to research cases, prepare legal documents and interview witnesses. Paralegal studies majors typically enjoy working with other professionals and reading, researching and writing on topics pertaining to the legal system.

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