Paralegal Studies

You are interested in law and love researching, writing and analyzing complex issues. You want a professional position working in a law office or the court system, but a bachelor’s degree and three years of law school are more than you can commit to right now. If you have a passion for helping others navigate the complex maze of the American legal system, a degree in paralegal studies could be the perfect option for you.

Advanced Start Paralegal Studies Degree

Paralegals are much more than mere administrative assistants to attorneys; they are an integral part of the entire legal process. The job requires a broad background in legal issues and strong writing and researching skills.

Beginning with a foundation in liberal arts courses like English, history and math, paralegal studies go on to encompass major courses specializing in the legal system, including:

  • Tort Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Research
  • Real Estate Law
  • Legal History

Preparing to Work in Paralegal Studies

When you earn a degree in paralegal studies, you take the first step in a rewarding career working alongside attorneys, court officials and clients. Many with a paralegal studies degree immediately move into a professional position, while others might use their initial degree as a springboard to additional education at an accredited law school.

Most law firms and courts are looking for paralegals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree today, so your education can provide you with the competitive edge needed to land a rewarding job in the paralegal profession.

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