Public Safety

Public Safety is a blanket term covering any profession that deals specifically with maintaining law and order and ensuring obedience with the law. The minimum education requirements range from a diploma with work experience to a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The daily activities of public safety workers varies widely depending on the level of agency (local, State or Federal), but this list deals with local and State officers. Regardless of the area of specialization, public safety officers are hired to protect the public, which often involves confronting criminal activity, violence and dangerous individuals. Do you have what it takes to protect your local community?

Public Safety Jobs

Numerous career opportunities are available in the field of public safety. Below is a summary of a few of the most popular professions, from police officer to game warden.

  • Police Officer

    A police officer’s primary responsibility is to serve the community by enforcing federal, state and local laws. They are hired to protect life and property and to preserve the peace.

  • Sheriff

    A sheriff is a uniformed law enforcement official who works at the county level of state government. The responsibilities of a sheriff are defined by the state and the county in which he holds office.

  • SWAT

    Special Weapons and Tactics teams are highly-trained paramilitary squads that operate within many police departments to carry out dangerous missions such as rescuing hostages, serving arrest warrants under fire, deterring terrorist attacks and subduing criminals who are armed beyond the capacity of regular police officers.

  • Bounty Hunter

    A bounty hunter is an unofficial law enforcement agent who operates independently to track down and return fugitives from justice for a commission or payment, which is referred to in this case as a “bounty.”

  • Game Warden

    A game warden is a uniformed law officer whose mission is to protect wildlife and the environment in wilderness areas. Game wardens work at the state or local level to ensure that hunters, trappers and fishermen obey all game and environmental laws.

  • Fire Fighter

    Fire fighters are rescuers who are trained to do two main things: put out dangerous fires that threaten lives and property and rescue people from hazardous situations and provide them with emergency medical services.

  • Parks and Recreation Manager

    A parks and recreation manager develops and oversees comprehensive recreation programs for public and private organizations. In some cases, this manager is responsible for the park’s budget and may serve as technical adviser to state institutions. Supervision of employees, scheduling and program evaluation also fall under this person’s authority.

  • Forest Ranger

    Forest rangers are law enforcement professionals whose primary responsibilities include enforcing current laws concerning forest and rangeland preservation. A forest ranger works in parks and conservation areas watching over the plants, trees and animals.

  • Public Safety Administration

    From natural disasters to terrorist attacks, you’re well aware of the threats out there. You like to face adversity head on through planning and leadership. If this sounds like you, we’ve found a degree program you’re sure to love.

  • Public Safety and Emergency Management

    When a disaster strikes, you feel compassion for those affected – and you want to jump in and do something about it. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that may be the perfect choice.

  • Advanced Start Fire and Emergency Management

    If you have a calling to help people in need and tend to remain calm under pressure, consider turning your passions into a career by pursuing a degree in fire and emergency management. Take your natural instincts and enhance them with solid training so you can help the most people possible.

  • Advanced Start Fire Science

    When you see an out-of-control fire blazing, you want to get involved immediately. You feel a strong responsibility toward your fellow humans in distress. If this description fits you, an advanced start fire science program could be perfect.

  • Executive Fire Service Leadership

    As a kid, you dreamed of becoming a firefighter. Now that you’ve made that dream a reality, you know that there is more to it than driving a shiny red truck and handling a few small blazes. You have seen the devastating side of fire fighting, and you want to take charge. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

  • Fire, Safety & Emergency Management

    Fire, safety and emergency management is the program that trains students in the crucial skills of looking at, responding to and taking control of an emergency situation at both an individual and community level. With the threat of terrorism hanging over our heads and the effect of recent natural disasters still fresh in the collective consciousness, disaster preparedness is an essential investment in the future.

  • Arson Investigator

    An arson investigator determines the causes of fires, particularly when arson or criminal negligence is suspected.

  • State Trooper

    A state trooper, also called highway patrol officer or state police officer, enforces laws on interstates, highways, and local roads.

  • Animal Cruelty Investigator

    Animal cruelty investigators inspect reports of animal abuse. Like other investigators, they work to discover any evidence related to the mistreatment or neglect of animals.

  • Paramedic

    Paramedics evaluate injuries and provide emergency, on-scene medical care. These emergency medical professionals may also be called to rescue trapped individuals.

  • Conservation Officer

    Conservation officers, also known as fish and game wardens, protect animals and natural resources. They oversee and manage the specific environment in which they work including forests, coastal regions, mountains and even marine habitats, like rivers.

  • Dispatcher

    Dispatchers, also known as 911 operators, are responsible for dispatching ambulance, fire and police units in response to requests for assistance.

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