Crime prevention and control extends well beyond police and other uniformed peace officers. The private sector plays a large role in this field, in areas as diverse as private security personnel to security consultants.

Security guards can be armed or unarmed, depending on the position. Though most learning comes from on-the-job training, a degree in criminal justice is an excellent way to advance career growth by preparing security guards with the understanding of criminal psychology and behavior along with legal ramifications.

Security Jobs

Numerous career opportunities are available in the security field. For detailed information, degree requirements and salary ranges, simply choose a security job profile below.

  • Security Guards

    The private sector has an ever-increasing demand for security of numerous types, including loss prevention, industrial security, institutional security and numerous other commercial security positions ranging from bank guard to computer security specialist.

  • Armored Car Guards

    Becoming an armored car guard is not a job for the faint of heart. Since their position involves protecting money and individuals responsible for its transit, they are required to wear bullet-proof vests.

  • Hotel Security Officer

    Hotel security officers protect employees, guests and belongings. They oversee all areas of the hotel property, inside and out, from the parking lot to banquet halls and private guest rooms.

  • Airport Security Officer

    Since 9/11, airport security positions are more vital than ever. Airport security officers operate baggage and passenger screening systems and work with law enforcement to identify and apprehend questionable individuals. They provide security and protection for passengers and airline employees.

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