Adult Learning and Workforce Education

If working to resolve workplace issues and create more organizational problem-solving strategies sounds intriguing, this could be the field for you. Career development and adult training, along with human resource management, combine to make this challenging program valuable as the adult working population continues to grow.

Adult Learning and Workforce Education Degree

For this master’s degree, you begin by taking foundational courses in education. This specialization then focuses on specific courses featuring policy and politics; diversity and multi-cultural studies; and issues impacting the global workplace. Skills related to impacting public policy and organizational decision-making also play a key role in these studies.

Courses that you would study for this degree include:

  • Teaching Diverse Learners
  • Policy and Politics in Education Administration
  • The Art and Science of Adult Education
  • Adult Learning Theories
  • Evaluating Training Programs

Preparing to Work in Adult Learning and Workforce Education

The skill set developed through earning this degree can provide a wide variety of job opportunities. This degree paves the way for a professional career in the continuing emergent fields of career development, human resource management and adult learning. These professions may be found in corporations, small business, colleges and even health and human resources.

As companies increase the knowledge base of their current staff, avoiding the cost of continually hiring new employees, adult learning and workforce education professionals remain in demand.

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