Adult Literacy Teacher

Adult literacy teachers — also known as remedial education instructors — assist their students in learning basic reading, writing and mathematic skills needed to function in society. Whether a student dropped out of high school or missed too many days of school to graduate, an adult education teacher can help students bolster their basic education requirements and get back on track.

If you are looking for a profession that involves helping people discover their true potential, consider pursuing a career as an adult literacy instructor.

Adult Literacy Teacher Degrees

The basic requirement for an adult literacy teacher is a bachelor’s degree in education, but some employers request a master’s degree with an emphasis in adult education and training. Online colleges provide a convenient opportunity for students who work full-time jobs or maintain a family.

In addition to a college degree, many states also require licensure to teach adult education.

Adult Literacy Teacher Job Description

There are different types of adult literacy instructors. Adult secondary education teachers specialize in helping students attain a General Education Development (GED) or other high school equivalency certificate. Adult basic education teachers instruct students 16 years of age or older in math, languages, history, reading, writing, science and other general disciplines. Adult education classes do not keep normal classroom hours; to accommodate working adults, adult literacy teachers work evenings and (in some cases) weekends. With the varying hours, some instructors choose to work part time so they can manage several assignments or work full time during the day.

Adult Literacy Teacher Salary and Job Opportunity

According to, the annual salary for adult education instructors ranges from $27,747 to $56,155. Due to the increasing demand for adult literacy classes, jobs for adult literacy teachers are predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to increase at a faster than average rate through 2016.

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