Advanced Educational Administration

Master’s-level educators and school-based administrators make ideal candidates for this degree program. Advanced educational administration standards focus on developing and implementing a vision, on a district level, for an improved educational experience for all students. These educational standards also advocate programs that will most benefit the professional growth of teachers.

Advanced Educational Administration Degree

This Doctor of Education degree requires previous completion of a graduate level program in education. Ideal program candidates would currently hold licensure as a principal or other administrator position. Specific writing, research and dissertation projects are combined with courses for this professional study.

Courses that you would study for this degree include:

  • Improving School Leadership
  • Advanced Education Law
  • Human and Fiscal Resources Management
  • Education Public Policy Analysis
  • Ethics and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Educational Leaders

Preparing to Work in Advanced Educational Administration

Advanced educational administrators are typically responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing a specific vision for the school district. These educational leaders also collaborate with educators and community members to nurture and sustain a healthy school environment for teachers and students.

Combining a wide variety of leadership and people skills, this program provides the serious credibility necessary to acquire a position in advanced educational administration.

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