Behavioral Science Degree

A degree in Behavioral Science can open the door to a host of possibilities. Opportunities to work with people abound in the behavior science arena, from researching various groups and environments to working directly with subjects in a variety of settings. Those choosing a major in behavioral science will study the way actions have an effect on decision making and relationships. While the role of the behavioral scientist has traditionally fallen in the social work sector, today’s behavioral scientists are also in demand in the business world as support for marketing strategies and employee morale.

Behavioral science involves the study of interactions between people and the particular group they belong to. This field seeks to provide explanations why people make decisions and form relationships the way they do. Behavioral science can be broken down into two groups: those who study neural-decision science, which incorporates psychology and management science, or those who study social-communication science that focuses on anthropology and organizational behavior.

Behavioral scientists usually begin with a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study and move to master’s and doctorate degrees as their occupations dictate. In some cases, students will supplement their undergraduate courses with an associate degree to help prepare them for graduate work and enhance their opportunities in the job market. High school graduates can move directly into a four-year behavioral science program at an accredited university or college.

Behavioral Scientist Fields

The job description of a behavioral scientist will vary greatly, depending on the specialization that is chosen. Typical fields that a behavioral scientist can consider include (but are not limited to):

  • Anthropologist

    An anthropologist studies human cultures past and present to learn more about human behavior in those cultures. Anthropologists typically hold a doctorate degree and work for government agencies or colleges. This field is not expected to increase as rapidly as some others under the umbrella of behavior science, due to current budget restriction.

  • Criminal Profiler

    This professional assists in solving challenging cases by creating profiles of violent, serial criminals. In some cases, the information collected can be used to prevent further crimes and arrest the individual. The occupation of criminal profiler appears to be an expanding one, as law enforcement moves from prosecution to prevention.

  • Social Worker

    Social workers address the needs of people who are living in poverty, substance abuse or chronic illness. Social workers typically work for government agencies or non-profit programs, and most have at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. Many employers require a graduate degree as well.

  • Corporate Coach

    Behavioral scientists can assist corporations on many different levels, from finding and recruiting top quality talent to improving employee morale and creating a competitive edge. This position is expanding as corporations are enlisting more resources to help them compete in the global marketplace.

  • Diversity Studies

    The field of diversity studies combines subjects such as psychology, sociology and anthropology. These studies include understanding the nature of ethnic and cultural groups, methods of conflict resolution, human services and how diversity affects different environments, such as home and work.

  • Advanced Start Professional Studies

    If you are a self-starter with a defined career path in mind, this program could be your perfect match. Best of all, professional studies degrees can be earned in fields like sports management, historic preservation, landscape design and more!

Behavioral Scientist Salary

The salary of a behavioral scientist can vary greatly based on the occupation chosen. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average annual salary for a social worker is around $37,500, while an annual salary for an anthropologist averages about $44,000. These figures will also vary based on the location of the job.

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