Civic Teacher

A civic or social studies teacher is an educator specializing in teaching the principles of democracy, including the U.S. political and judicial systems. The main objective of a civic teacher is to use expertise and knowledge to instruct students on key aspects of citizenship and government. Like other kinds of educators, civic teachers use textbooks, multimedia aids, lectures and tests to help students learn and apply information.

Civic teachers may work in public schools or private institutions. Many of these professionals instruct students at the middle or secondary grade levels. If you have the desire to work in this rewarding field, receiving an advanced online degree in education and hands-on training can help you advance your career goals.

Civic Teacher Degrees

To become a civic teacher, an individual should develop professional skills and industry-relevant knowledge through opportunities like:

  • Earning an advanced degree in teacher education from an accredited college or university
  • Working with an experienced civic teacher as a volunteer or teacher’s aide
  • Volunteering for local civic-related projects like voter registration campaigns
  • Receiving all necessary state and local licenses or certifications

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the District of Columbia and all 50 states require licenses for all teachers in the public school system. Private schools may not demand licensing, although some institutions may encourage professional development training for teachers.

Civic Teacher Job Description

The civic teacher instructs students on important concepts and principles associated with American democracy and citizenship. To achieve professional success, civic teachers must possess strong knowledge of subjects like U.S. history and the American judicial and political systems. They should also understand fundamental aspects of teaching, including curricula design and classroom instruction. Like all educators, civic teachers must also have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

The civic teacher can work in settings such as:

  • Public junior high and high schools
  • Private middle and secondary schools

Some civic teachers may also work on a part-time or volunteer basis to instruct adult students studying for their U.S. citizenship exam.

Civic Teacher Salary

Opportunities for middle and secondary teachers are predicted to grow in public and private institutions across the country. Demand may be particularly strong for civic teachers skilled in Spanish and other non-English languages.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings of salaried middle school teachers is about $50,770, with top earners making around $79,200 annually. The average annual salary for secondary school teachers is approximately $55,150, with professionals in the top earnings segment earning about $82,000 per year.

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