Community College Executive Leadership

Do you want to learn more about managing problems and issues in higher education? If so, consider deepening your knowledge of administrative principles and techniques through a community college executive leadership degree program. By doing so, you can increase your skill set while making yourself more marketable.

Community College Executive Leadership Degree

Community college executive leadership students must have a master’s degree to begin the program. As the degree is geared toward current community college administrators, coursework plunges directly into issues that concern education policy and management.

The types of classes in a community college executive leadership degree include:

  • Community College Leadership
  • Community College Finance
  • Governance of Community Colleges
  • Comprehensive Planning and Implementation
  • Research Methods

Preparing to Work in Community College Executive Leadership

Earning a degree in community college executive leadership prepares you for administrative positions such as dean, director, president and vice-president. While experience is important in moving up the career ladder, the proper academic credentials can further increase your chances of making that leap – and an advanced degree can also be a big boost on your resume.

Community colleges need well-trained, professional leaders to make sure students are receiving the best education possible. If you’re ready to take on that challenge, get started today!

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