Counselor Education and Supervision

Do you have a desire to train up the next generation of counselors in schools, clinics and research facilities? Your natural leadership skills, combined with the right education, can put you at the helm, ensuring the counselors that come after you have the same abilities and training to provide support and assistance to others. By teaching and supervising a whole new wave of counselors, you can have the inside track on what the future of counseling will look like.

Counselor Education and Supervision Degree

You’ve covered the basic course offerings in counseling, but now it’s time to ramp up your studies with advanced classes that hone your skills even further. The specialized courses you take as you pursue your counselor education and supervision degree will provide you with the necessary training to help others realize success in their own counseling careers.

Some of the courses waiting for you throughout your studies include:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Advanced Counseling Assessment
  • Models of Clinical Supervision
  • Ethics in Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Clinical Consultation

Preparing to Work in Counselor Education and Supervision

A doctorate in counselor education and supervision can help you hone your current counseling skills and equip you with the right training to supervise the next generation. Make a career out of helping others achieve their dreams, and earn a nice living along the way.

A degree in counselor education and supervision will help you leave your mark in your profession by preparing others to continue the work you started.

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