Distance Education Degree

Distance education refers to online academic instruction that allows students and teachers to connect without having to come to face to face at a campus location. This method of teaching has proven very beneficial for students who work full time or who have physical disabilities.

Distance Education Degrees

Distance learning instructors must analyze course requirements and understand student needs before planning instruction. Courses can be taught through a variety of media options, including prerecorded video, live video conferencing, special software, electronic discussion boards. If you have what it takes to become a distance education teacher, learn how an online degree in education can help advance your career goals.

Instructors who teach students via distance education must have the same educational background as classroom teachers, but the type of education required depends on the level and subject of the course being taught. For example, adult remedial education teachers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in education, but a master’s degree is typically preferred.

Distance learning institutions offer both certificate and degree programs. Students who are seeking a degree via distance education must be comfortable learning independently rather than interactively and skilled at using the Internet.

Distance Education Career Opportunities

The field of distance education depends on a number of educational experts. Earning an online degree in distance education can help you pave the way to the following careers.

  • Distance Education Instructor

    Instructors of distance learning programs assemble course content, administer to the needs of a diverse group of students, and adopt teaching styles that accommodate these needs. They must not only teach the required material, but they must be skilled in a variety of media options through which they deliver their instruction and courses.

  • Distance Education Site Facilitator

    Site facilitators serve as a liaison between the instructor and the students. They work with the instructor to set up equipment, collect assignments, and supervise testing. They might also maintain or moderate discussion boards for the courses.

  • Online Learning Teacher

    An online learning teacher, often referred to as an online teacher or online educator, works with students of any age who are learning via their computer rather than in a classroom. Online learning, also called distance learning, is becoming increasingly popular; in fact, some studies indicate that one in three college students today have taken at least one online class.

  • e-Learning Technology and Design

    Do you enjoy working with technology and teaching students online? With more and more students attracted to online educational opportunities, this Master of Education program could provide a bright future for a technologically progressive educator.

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