Early Childhood Education Degree

Early childhood education generally refers to the education of children who range in age from infants to kindergarten age. Because a child’s early years are especially formative, early childhood educators must be specially trained in child development.

Instructors in early childhood education help to develop children’s social, physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative, and creative abilities. They teach youngsters how to clearly communicate thoughts and feelings, develop their senses, and improve their motor skills. They must pay attention to the unique abilities of each individual child and work with parents and other teachers to help draw out the children’s talents and improve their weaknesses.

Teachers in this field may work in child care centers, preschools, kindergarten classrooms or recreation centers. If you think you have what it takes to the make difference in the lives of young children, earning an online degree in early childhood education can help advance your career.

Early childhood education can overlap with special education, which requires a bachelor’s degree in education, additional courses in special education and a teaching license, which must be renewed annually.

Early Childhood Education Career Opportunities

Individuals who study special education may choose to work with infants, toddlers, elementary school children or high schools students. They may work with physically, mentally, or developmentally challenged children, or intellectually gifted children. No matter which particular specialty special educators choose to pursue, their responsibilities are often similar. Earning an online degree in early childhood education can help accelerate your career path in education.

  • Preschool Teacher

    Teachers of preschoolers assist children in the development of their emotional, intellectual, physical, social, imaginative and creative abilities, communicating their progress with parents and other teachers.

  • Special Education Teacher

    Special education teachers assess each individual’s particular instructional needs. They create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to set goals for the child and outline a transition plan to prepare the student for the next level of education.

  • Speech Therapist

    Speech therapists help people to overcome problems with language, speech and voice that may have been caused by delayed development, an accident, genetic disorder, stroke or major trauma. As applied to special education, they may help children learn how to speak for the first time, or work with them to overcome an accent, lisp, stuttering or other speech defect.

  • Advanced Start Early Childhood Education

    If you have a talent for relating well with young children, you might consider turning your passions into a career by pursuing a degree in early childhood education. Capitalize on what you are already good at, enrich your existing skill set and create a new path for yourself in the process.

  • Child Studies

    Your idea of the perfect work day is sitting on the floor teaching youngsters how to read and draw. You love working with kids and seem to speak their language without sounding condescending. If you have a gift for relating to the younger crowd, earning a degree in child studies could be perfect for you.

  • Early Childhood Education Administration

    You dream of working in an environment filled with colors, patterns – and plenty of kids. You have a knack for knowing what children respond to and you want to help other adults learn those same skills alongside you. If this sounds like you, we have a degree program you just might enjoy.

  • Early Childhood Infant and Toddler Care

    You consider the perfect day one that is filled with caring for precious babies and teaching toddlers basic skills. You love nothing more than spending your working hours sitting on the floor working jigsaw puzzles, singing songs and playing pretend. If this sounds like you, we have a field of study that might be right up your alley.

  • Early Childhood Studies

    Desk jobs are simply not your cup of tea; instead, you dream of spending your days teaching the alphabet, cutting and pasting and reading picture books to a rapt, pint-sized audience. You have a knack for relating to the younger generation, and kids tend to flock to you quite naturally because they know you understand their language. If this sounds like you, we have an area of study you just might love.

  • Daycare Teacher

    A daycare teacher works with children under the age of five. They may find employment in specialized centers, preschools, or work from their own homes and help children learn new skills and information.

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