Education (for Existing Teachers Grades K-12)

Are you ready to ramp up your current teaching career? If so, consider taking your training to the next level with a master’s degree in education. This additional degree may be just the ticket to advancing your teaching career with focused areas of study like technology, leadership or educating special needs students.

Education Degree (for Existing Teachers Grades K-12)

You already know the basics of education, but now you are ready to expand your knowledge into areas of specialty that prepare you for designing curriculum, conducting research and developing competencies to improve your teaching practice. Middle and high school teachers in particular may appreciate the opportunity to develop a higher level of expertise in the specific subjects they teach. Job experience is an important component to a successful teacher, but the right training can advance your career.

Here is a sampling of some of the courses you might delve into with your education degree:

  • Teaching Literacy and Language
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Teaching Students with Special Needs
  • Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum Design

Advancing Your Work in Education

A master’s degree in education helps you kick up your current teaching career with the training you need to move forward in your position. The advanced training you receive can prepare you for leadership or specialized positions within schools that cam increase your marketability in the field of education.

Remember: Every successful student begins with a teacher who cared enough to help that student achieve his or her potential. Your education degree makes a difference!

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