Education Leadership and Administration Degree

This program provides the skills and knowledge that move educators from the classroom into a professional career in administrative leadership. You can continue impacting school children in a greater way through certification as a principal or administrator.

Education Leadership and Administration Degrees

You’ll combine leadership theory, research and practical skills to acquire the necessary knowledge for success in this program. Learn to make decisions, practice standards-based principles and demonstrate professional leadership abilities. Create a portfolio and graduate with a level of expertise you feel proud presenting to your future employer.

Courses that can move you from educator to administrator include:

  • Learning Theory: Developing Life Long Learners
  • School Site Safety and Maintenance
  • Successful Leadership in K-12 Organizations
  • Evaluating Education Technology
  • Business Management for Learning Organizations

Preparing to Work in Education Leadership and Administration

Educators who graduate from this program typically work as principals of schools or in other administrative positions within the school district. They enjoy the respect, benefits and job security derived from an advanced degree in Education. If this sounds appealing, then this program could be for you!

Successfully completing this program offers all of the necessary knowledge and experience to become licensed or certified as a school administrator in most states.

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