Educational Administration Degree

Education administrators include principals, vice principals, deans of faculty, deans of admissions and department chairs. They oversee the direction and day-to-day management of child care centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Unlike teachers, administrators work year-round, setting goals for the school, teachers and students.

If you think you have what it takes to work as a school’s administrator, earning an online degree in educational administration is a first step that can help advance your career goals.

Nearly all principals, assistant principals, and school district superintendents are required to have a master’s degree in education, administration or education administration. Programs in education administration generally include courses in curriculum development, school law and personnel administration. Administrators who manage school-counseling programs typically have a master’s degree in school counseling.

Some schools are beginning to require that administrators have an MBA, and some positions require a doctoral degree (Ph.D.or Ed.D.). In addition, administrators usually must go through a certification process administered on the state level.

Educational Administration Career Opportunities

While school administrators can go by a number of different titles and perform numerous functions, below are a couple of the most common administration positions that an online degree in educational administration can prepare you for.

  • Preschool Principal

    Childcare directors and preschool principals plan, coordinate, and oversee the educational activities and policies of a preschool. They set education standards and goals, establish policies, meet with parents and staff, allocate funds, hire personnel, and oversee instructional methods and program content.

  • General Education

    An education degree provides opportunities to share your knowledge and directly affect the future of children and adults. Teachers and administrative candidates typically demonstrate communication skills, strong organizational abilities and a desire to continue learning as they work in their profession.

  • Adult Learning and Workforce Education

    Are you a visionary who recognizes issues before they arise and enjoys responding to changes with unique ideas? If so, consider studying adult learning and workforce education to best utilize your gifts!

  • Advanced Educational Administration

    Are you a master’s level practicing instructor or a school principal with a vision for your school district? If you’re seeking a professional position in higher level administration in the school system, this program could be an ideal stepping stone to your future success!

  • Educational Leadership

    Educational leadership is all about building and forming leaders within the field of education. Think of principals, department heads, administrators and subject area specialists, and you will soon realize how important it is to have competent leaders directing an institution or a division toward its goals. Educational leadership can help give a graduate the necessary skills in management, critical analysis, communication, team-building and learning technology.

  • Education in Educational Administration

    You love the idea of standing in front of a classroom instructing students, but your focus is more on adults than children. You would like to spend your days discussing the finer points of your subjects of expertise with other mature learners who can deal with the topics on a whole new level. If this describes you, we have a fascinating field of study for you to consider.

  • Education Leadership and Administration

    Are you a classroom teacher who could handle more responsibility and act as a leader in your educational system? Some of the most successful principals and school administrators started out as educators in the classroom. Teachers often understand education issues and needs because they view them from a hands-on perspective each day. Do you feel that you could lead other teachers positively and constructively?

  • Educational Assessment and Evaluation

    Are you a classroom teacher, guidance counselor or other educational professional who desires a Master of Education? If so, consider learning more about educational assessment and evaluation. Analytical individuals who excel at examining how evaluation processes and systems work could be perfectly matched for this specialty program.

  • Education Specialist

    Do you hold a master’s degree in education and think about becoming a school principal or taking on one of many leadership positions in the education field? If so, consider the education specialist (EdS) program. The EdS program gives education professionals a specialist degree that can help advance their careers.

  • Educational Management

    Are you a classroom teacher with leadership skills and an aptitude for problem resolution? Do other teachers come to you for advice and ideas about how to best do their jobs? If so, you could be the perfect candidate for a Master of Education degree with a specialty in Educational Management.

  • Enrollment Management

    What would you think of a profession that combines education, marketing and technology? This unique specialization program, attached to a Master of Science, focuses on strategies and tactics in higher education for enrolling and retaining students.

  • Leadership in Educational Administration

    Are you an educator seeking a master’s level degree that could provide the opportunity for advancement? Maybe you’d like to move from the classroom to an administrative position? If so, this Master of Science specialty program could meet your needs.

  • Leadership of Educational Organizations

    As with any business, educational organizations require professionals to develop educational programs, products and services. They need human resource professionals and leaders who not only comprehend the essentials of education but also understand the dynamics of a successful business.

  • Initial Educational Administration

    Do you see yourself as a leader in education? Would you like to impact the educational system outside of classroom teaching? An EdD allows the opportunity for teachers with a graduate degree to pursue a doctorate in administration, opening the door for leadership within the education system.

  • Instructional Design

    Instructional design is a master’s degree program that gives students a chance to analyze and examine the design of online education and the instructional technology used in brick-and-mortar classrooms and online classrooms.

  • Instructional Design and Technology

    Instructional design and technology is a master’s degree program that offers students the tools to create effective education and training courses. The program helps build analytical thinking, allowing students to look at online education and its technology and put together an experience that works for the learner in a virtual classroom.

  • Instructional Design – Online Learning

    Instructional design for online learning is a master’s degree program for educators who want to create technology-enriched education courses and training materials for distance learning and online classrooms. Put together instructional materials that work well in an online collaborative environment and make full use of rich multimedia content – the technology that’s revolutionized how we all learn.

  • Higher Education Leadership

    If you’ve ever wondered how a university or college survives from year to year, it is by the quality of leadership displayed by its administrators and deans. The challenges they face are enormous and constantly changing while the goals remain the same: Lead efficiently and teach with integrity.

  • Higher Education Leadership and Administration

    The education challenges that a college administrator faces differ from those faced by an elementary principal. And yet the goals are the same: Lead the organization with efficiency and serve the students with excellence.

  • Technology in Education

    Are you a passionate educator with the drive and dedication to lead your organization to excellence in your own rapidly-changing learning environment? If so, then this program is made for you.

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