Educational Assessment and Evaluation

School systems use multiple programs to assess student and teacher abilities from standardized testing to certification requirements. You could be one of the people making decisions about which tools of evaluation and assessment are most valuable. This program provides both the training and the education to move you forward in this field. You just have to take the next step!

Educational Assessment and Evaluation Degree

Begin by establishing a foundation in learning theory, instructional design and application of educational research methods. Next, move on to specific courses with instructors who specialize in various evaluation systems and their organization. All of these courses work together toward the opportunity for you to create an evaluation plan, interpret it and present the results to other professionals and/or parents.

Specialized courses that provide the essential components of this program include:

  • Evaluate Education and Training Programs
  • Education Assessment and Evaluation Systems
  • Methods and Systems of Assessment
  • Using Evaluation Results

Preparing to Work in Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Professionals who successfully complete this program often acquire positions as principals, educational consultants, instructional coordinators and curriculum designers within the education and publishing areas. The testing and evaluation industry offers further opportunities for educational specialists who desire to work in the business world.

Successfully completing this program may provide the essential preparation for certification or licensure as an administrative or academic professional.

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