Educational Technology Degree

Educational technology concentrates on how best to incorporate technology and technology-based instruction into schools to engage students and encourage learning. In particular, it refers to technology such as the Internet, software programs and computer simulations, audio/video, or multimedia used not only in academic settings but also in business, government, military and nonprofit venues.

Educational Technology Degree

Individuals interested in studying educational technology should have an interest in both teaching and technology. Earning an online degree in educational technology is a great first step toward advancing your career goals.

Students who major in educational technology learn how to make the best use of various technologies in the design of instructional systems. They discover how to develop computer training systems, educational software, educational video, distance learning programs and interactive learning programs, among other techniques.

More and more schools are offering master’s degrees in educational technology, which allow teachers and other individuals to specialize and enhance their professional skills. Individuals who have already earned a degree in education or a similar field may wish to pursue a certificate in educational technology, which can often be earned in just weeks.

Educational Technology Career Opportunities

Individuals who have earned a post-graduate degree or a certificate in educational technology are able to pursue a wide range of careers, from instructional design to educational computing to training. Educational technologists may be employed in a vast range of fields, including the military, the health industry, business, government, universities and secondary schools.

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